Google Ads Blueprint

Google Ads Blueprint

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This course walks you through the most important aspects of Google Ads with a clear, step-by-step approach. By following our chapters you will see how simple, fun and effective Google Ads can be. We know you're going to absolutely love our course, and we can't wait to share this know and experience in this course! Get it today and see how you can increase your website traffic with Google Ads.

Why Google Ads ?

Google Ads Blueprint is a success guide to help you create successful AdWords Campaigns. You need no previous experience.

In the complete Google Ads Blueprint, you will find the right settings to create Google Ads Search, Display & Re-marketing Campaigns.
We focus on the Performance Marketing aspect of Google Ads. We don't want you just to learn Adwords, we want you to succeed.

There are hundreds of online tutorials that will describe all the available options inside Google Ads. We won't do the same. We will guide you step by step on these options that really work. We want you to be successful. We want you to compete and win.

Google Ads can be tricky to understand and prosper from, that's why we’ve created this Google Ads Blueprint in order to help you understand the way Google works and how to make it work in your way.
Therefore the Google Ads Blueprint is structured into 50 pages that will guide you through your Google Ads journey. The main topics covered are:

1. Google AdWords Tutorial Overview:

  • SEO
  • Metrics
  • Examples of Campaigns

2. How to Use Google AdWords (replacing Overview):

  • Keywords
  • Impressions and Bidding

3. How Does Google Adwords Work?

  • Introduction of Quality Score
  • Relevancy and Examples
  • Ad Rank and Metrics

4. Getting Set Up With Your First Campaign(step by step):

  • Easy to Follow Instructions with Examples
  • Calculate an AdWords Budget
  • Picking a Keyword (how to basics and examples)
  • Checking Out The Competition
  • Make Sure Your Landing Page Rocks(how to increase conversions)
  • AdWords Account Structure

5. Writing Your First Ad:

  • Headlines
  • Examples
  • Display URL
  • Ad Copy
  • Description 
  • CTA
  • Metrics and scores

6. Setup Conversion Tracking:

  • How to To with Examples
  • Tools and Conversions
  • Tracking Status

7. Regular Account Maintenance:

  • Monitoring Stats
  • CTR and Other Metrics
  • Always Track Your Campaigns and Optimize


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